dayana montoya


“For me, jewelry is the way to express my femininity and the creative power that women have. This project was born not only to bring my designs to life, but also to do it with the help of empowered women. Teamwork, improving skills and improving ourselves every day are the seed that I leave in my city and in my country so that more women are encouraged to dream, believe in themselves, love each other and above all work to be important references in the different industries in Colombia.

  • Dayana Montoya is a Colombian company that was born with the idea of ​​creating a great chain of talent and manual work carried out only by women, who with their delicacy make design a reality, unique pieces inspired by the biodiversity of our country. We highly value our environment and transform these minerals to create unique jewelry. With these we hope that each woman who wears them feels unique, beautiful and empowered and looks part of our dream anywhere in the world, a jewel at the forefront of loaded fashion. of Colombian history and culture.


Founded in 2018 by Dayana Montoya. After 10 years of studying, designing and producing jewelry within the national industry, she decided to take her experience and her name to different cities in Colombia and the world through her renewed vision of artisanal jewelry. Although Colombia stands out for its pre-Columbian craftsmanship and multiple brands that rescue this important legacy, Dayana decides to take this goldsmith tradition to capture a Colombia that updates, changes, grows and that has much more to show abroad.

Starting from hand-cut pieces, Dayana explores geometric shapes creating versatile and light collections, then explores the lost wax technique, with which she manages to give volumes and undulating, solid, fresh and attractive shapes with which she achieves a total representation . of his interpretation of Colombian biodiversity. Hand in hand with its artisans, Dayana works to grow at a business level and offer employment to more women, improving their quality of life and recognizing their trade as a valuable profession for the jewelry industry of our country.